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Press Release

Lower Barn Farm launches new website

The unique Essex shopping destination, Lower Barn Farm, has today (15/12/15) launched a new website, covering all aspects of their business. 

Lower Barn Farm, based in Rayleigh, is home to Lower Barn Café, Lower Barn Landscaping and Building, Lower Barn Stoves and Fireplaces, Lower Barn Kitchens and Cookers and Lower Barn Natural Stone, and now offers customers an insight online before they visit.

Filled with expertise and hundreds of products, Lower Barn Farm felt the need to be able to reveal the extensive range of items available, and keep customers up to date with the latest deals and offers.

Visitors are also able to access the Lower Barn Café menu before they arrive and to book for upcoming events. By signing up to Lower Barn Farm’s Email Club you can receive a free tea or coffee and a free bacon or sausage roll!

A new addition to the website is the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, which answers most, if not all, questions that a visitor may have.

Lower Barn Farm director James Argentieri said: ‘I’m excited to launch our new website as not only does it provide us with an opportunity to refresh the online face of the company, it brings together the various elements of our business and engages with our customers before they even reach the site.’